Posted by: maisenhe | 11/01/2010

Bubba #4 and #5 recap.. Sort of

This past weekend was the annual Halloween CX night race and day race.
I’ll keep it short and sweet. The courses were hard. The night race had a long sand run that took it’s toll and the day race started with a bad grid slot which caused a hard chase.

Things I learned in the dark you need to push harder and not worry about what’s hiding in the dark. If it’s going to bite you it will so don’t worry and push push.

That’s all I have to say.


Posted by: maisenhe | 10/27/2010

Trust me! I’ve got this

So as I started this crazy thing called cyclocross I have been forced to confront things that plain just scare the crap out of me. These are things like V dips , single track and plowing through sand.

At first I just told myself no way and I’d walk my bike through it or just plain avoid it. I was mentally beaten before I even tried. This is no way to go through life. Letting anything that scares you beat you without trying. So I made up mind that I refuse to be this way anymore. I was going to attack each fear one at a time till I beat them. If I failed worst case I’d fall on my butt. But I would just get back up and do it over and over till I didn’t land on my butt.
One day I showed up to castlewood early so I could practice something that has owned me since the start. It seemed simple a sharp drop over some roots onto a bridge. My first attempted was just like normal I grabbed a handful of brakes and came to a complete stop. The next attempt I took I grabbed some brakes but went on down the path. Guess what I didn’t crash so I turned around and rode back up it something else I had never done. So I wanted one last attempt at it. If I didn’t touch my brakes I’d mark it a’s done. So this time I went at it at a’s close to race pace as I dared and wham before I knew I was through it! No brakes and off I went to take a hot lap.

Next up is these crazy V dips way back in the park. I cranked my music and took off to ride out there. It’s a ling way but I was on a high so I went a’s fast as I could screaming through mud and even jumping a mogul (it makes everyone feel like they are 8 went they go over it) finally I made it back to the V dip just like before I rode up and fear caused a death grip on the brakes. I stopped got off the bike and walked down it to clear the tiny stick that was there cause you know that was the only reason I stopped. Yeah o didn’t buy it either. So I made a few circles to attack the V dip. To make it clear to day in a training class the instructor talked about grief curve. It looked like the V dip. You have to head down with fear and just a’s you get to the bottom you have to pull up slightly else you are going to crash. That is exactly what you have to do on the bike. So down I went. I reached the bottom pulled up slightly on the bars and start to pedal and wham I was through. I took off to make a nice loop of the trails this lead me back around to the same V dip. It was the only way out. This time I rode up to it and just went. And just like that I was up and over headed back to the trail head!

Now there will always be things that scare you at first but you have to trust in yourself that you will be able to do it. Sometimes you will have to trust a friend to hold your hand and not let you fall off the rocks into the water. The main thing is to not let yourself get paralyzed with fear and do nothing. Doing nothing can be worse than trying and failing because even when you fail you learn a lesson. So just keep on learning and tell your mind  So in the words of Tim “Trust me! I’ve got this”. 🙂


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